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The right amount of sun, elevation, soil matter, rainfall… a healthy plant has everything to do with where it’s grown and how it’s treated. We provide the freshest supply chain possible. Our carefully placed packing and shipping facilities make sure our products have a short, stress-free journey from our farms to your table.

supply chain

Growing fresh produce around the world and delivering to our customers year round requires a highly efficient supply chain. We excel through our ability to deliver our customers the freshest seasonal produce no matter where they are geographically utilizing multimodal transportation including airplane, ocean vessel and truck logistics. Effective logistics along with strategic warehousing ensures that we are delivering the best product that we can, to guarantee an enjoyable experience for our consumer.


To us, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s an important aspect of our business. We invest heavily in technology across our operations to manage pests and disease, plant nutrition, and soil management. It makes good sense to do our part for the farms, the farmers, and the future.

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When it comes to food safety, consistency is key, so we uphold globally uniform safety practices across all of our growing, packing and shipping programs. Our entire supply chain is monitored by a vigorous Foreign Supplier Verification Plan exceeding FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) requirements. We are accredited by the following: Primus GFS; Primus Ops; MayaCert.