FDS delivers high quality produce that is lovingly grown, from us to you.

Hand holding asparagus
Grown with Pride, Shared with Love.

Grown with Pride, Shared with Love.

Honesty and transparency is always the best policy – especially when it comes to freshly grown produce! Great care goes into nurturing and preparing for each harvest. Every batch is carefully inspected and approved before it makes its way to your neighborhood store. Consider our logo a stamp of approval and sign-off from each of our farmers.

Hand holding asparagus
From Us, to You.

From Us, to You.

At Farm Direct Supply, we pride ourselves on providing our consumers with the freshest grown asparagus all year round. We work closely with our farmers to ensure the highest quality of asparagus is delivered to you and your family.

Hand holding asparagus

At FDS We Offer

  • Fresh Asparagus: Green, Purple, White
  • Conventional and Organic
  • Custom packs and Value – added packaging Delivered, FOB, and custom pricing programs
  • Purple and White asparagus specialty varieties
  • Peru, Mexico, Canada, and domestic raw material all available seasonally.
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