Privacy Policy

Farm Direct Supply, LLC values its customers, vendors, and visitors to its site and the privacy and security of all information collected on this site is of paramount importance to our company. We respect the privacy of your information. Farm Direct Supply, LLC does not share, distribute, or sell any personal information it collects, and all information collected is solely for its own use. Farm direct Supply, LLC may use the information to distribute a newsletter and to develop relationships with customers, vendors, and other interested parties. Farm Direct Supply, LLC may also collect internet traffic data which include the number of hits to the site, IP addresses, locations of visitors and other traffic data that is normally available to any website. Any and all collected information would only be for the internal use of Farm Direct Supply, LLC.

Farm Direct supply may collect the following private data to interact with its visitors only with their express permission:

First Name
Last Name
E-mail address
Phone Number
Purpose of Interest in our company.

To visit our website you do not have to provide any information to us unless you wish to have contact with us and to keep updated about developments with our company and/ or to develop business relationships. If you do provide information to us and you wish to be removed from our contact list then please contact