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Tropical Dragon Fruit Salad

30 min.
Serves 4


2 Farm Direct Supply yellow dragon fruit

1 kiwi, peeled, cut into quarters and sliced

1 Farm Direct Supply mango, peeled and cut into ½” chunks

1 small papaya, seeded, peeled and cut into ½” chunks

¼ cup pomegranate arils

1 passion fruit, pulp and seeds scooped out

2 Tbsp. agave syrup

1 orange, zested and juiced

1 sprig Thai basil, leaves picked

¼ cup slivered toasted almonds


Step 1.

Slice the dragon fruit in half lengthwise.

Step 2.

Cut as many balls from the dragon fruit as possible using a melon baller and place in a medium bowl. Using a serving spoon, scoop out the remaining flesh and reserve for snacking or another use. Set the skins aside.

Step 3.

Add the kiwi, mango, papaya and pomegranate to the dragon fruit and refrigerate.

Step 4.

Combine the passion fruit pulp, seeds, agave, orange zest and juice in a small bowl. Divide the fruit salad between reserved dragon fruit skins and place on a serving platter.

Step 5.

Drizzle passion fruit sauce over fruit salads. Sprinkle with Thai basil and almonds and serve.